Wet & Forget
Our Products Work. You Don't!

For over 35 years Wet & Forget has been producing, applying and marketing products for the homeowner based on the premise that products should be practical. They should work well, be easy to use and easier on the environment. We believe in working 'smarter not harder', not that we are lazy but we can think of better things to be doing with our time than wielding a scrub brush or a pressure washer. We believe in developing products with a softer chemistry. We take a different approach and start on the gentle end of chemistry and develop products that will provide our customers the results they’ve come to expect from Wet & Forget.

The company started in New Zealand and after expanding into Australia, opened an office in North America in 2005 initially selling Wet & Forget moss, mold, mildew and algae stain remover to commercial customers such as theme parks, school districts and municipalities. In 2008, Wet & Forget was packaged in residential sizes and distributed through retailers in the United States. Wet & Forget has quickly become a strong national brand with over 10,000 retailers nationwide!

In the fall of 2012, Wet & Forget will be launching its newest product Wet & Forget Shower. Wet & Forget Shower keeps with the ‘work smarter not harder’ attitude. We’ve taken away the dreaded task of scrubbing your shower to keep it clean. You no longer have to commit to a daily shower cleaner. Our customers are busy and don’t have 30 hours a year to give to a daily shower cleaner. So we’ve developed a product that gives customers back 26 of those hours each year and helps them maintain a sparkling clean shower with just one quick application each week! Wet & Forget Shower was developed without the use of bleach, ammonia and dyes. It’s the first of its kind to leave a pleasing soft vanilla essence after each weekly application.

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